Please, read the rules before taking my dolls

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Unless specified, all the dolls were made on my base
Sauf avis contraire, toutes les dolls sont faites sur ma base

// Tales / Contes -------

Base by HNS

Hansel & Gretel in the gingerbread house   The Little Red Riding  Whood  Alice in wonderland

Alice in Wonderland: Tea Party  The Princess & the frog Prince

// Fairies, elves & butterflies/ Fées, elfes & papillons -------

Base by AngyChan

Base by Dollz'nStuff

Christmas angel - on my Bianca base

// Around the world / Autour du monde -------



Rio di Janeiro

Siberia (Russia)



base by Cyrilus:

Russian  Indian JapaneseTahitian
Russian - Indian - Japanese - Tahitian

// In the past -------

Renaissance   Site guardian - On mourning (after Madrid -  March 11th 2004   Victorian

Base by HNS

Base by Themis

Base by Pinkland

// Miscellaneous / Divers -------

Base by Pixtoki
Snow Queen
Base by Hime No Sakura


Base by Pinkland

Base by HNS
Base by Giulia

// Games -------

Chess Game
Base by SugarCream

Base by Pinkland


Fashion | Inspired by... | Colos | Celebrities | Others | Old